Letter To Jack
Layout - 12.19

Curiosity Of Unlikely Connection

I listened to a lot of The White Stripes fall 2019. So much so that they ended up my artist of the year on Spotify. There's something timeless about The White Stripes that has held my attention from 3rd grade to age 24. It's raw, honest, & relatable. Would Jack White respond if I reached out? That's a good question.

I wrote & designed a letter to send to Jack White asking him to select any date/time/place within the next decade for us to meet & share a short conversation. A conversation based in creativity, what it means, and where it can take you. I will update this page with a response if one is received.
Letter Layout

Mailed Final

Dear Jack

The mailed version of the letter included stitched & guitar string details, all packaged within the space of an 8.5 X 11 piece of paper. I wanted the letter to communicate through written word as well as physical craft. This project is really an exploration of thought, that happened to come to life as a letter. Will it reach him? Will he respond? It's unlikely, but the odds would be 0 without giving the idea a chance.
Into the mailbox goes a letter addressed to Jack White. A curiosity is the odds of unlikely connection. A decade of time to choose from, we will see.