A Good One

Print, Interactive

I learned...

Bad ones are ok too, & sometimes you just need a little nudge to find the magic in your day to day.


Hundreds of itsy bitsy dots makes for one strange calendar completely unique to you.

In normal times it’s hard for me to be certain of what a *good* use of my time is or what constitutes a certified verified good day. During quarantine there was a strange surge in the idea of hyper-productivity and self development (in some cases, not all) which I wanted to reflect upon. the result was a playful interactive poster, & a non-linear calendar of sorts.

The system? Wake up & live a day. Easy. Done. Reflect on the day, did it have some nice moments? If so grab a sticker from the sheet (provided w/ poster) and place it wherever you want. Once you use up all your stickers you will have a 1 of 1 poster that you helped create, and over a year of self certified good days. Woohoo! (not every day will be a good one! Or has to be! Or should! Don’t stress, you always have tomorrow) 

One good one, two good ones, three good ones, more!