You Are Hear

Installation, Experiential, Brand

I learned...

When you're building out physical experiences double your time estimate. Or triple it. Even better.


Sometimes we need to step back, and listen to ourselves. Confront the abstract of silence & thought to see where it may lead us.

Conversations with ourselves build a better understanding of our past, grow an appreciation of our present and give us clarity for our future. We are often too busy for moments of detailed self-reflection, allowing internal dialogue to fade into the background. Simplicity is hard to find, silence even more so.

We created an experience that enabled reflection, reminding, and reassurance. Based around silence, thought, writing, and a reel to reel tape deck, the experience allowed our participants to hear themselves. A space and time to think with intent about what makes them, them, and who they aspire to be.

Describe the person you hope to become. ready? go.

Univ. Of Washington
Cameron Coupe
Krishang Swami
Design Class of 2018