Publication - 1.18

Exploring Obscurity

A publication crafted around passivity and control. Capturing Frank Ocean's unique persona within a visual/physical representation of Blond. Content collected directly from song lyrics as well as tumblr posts and interviews to build a complete representation of Frank.

Intended to act as a stand-alone reinterpretation of Blond with unique features including 4000+ lyrics manually plotted, original color abstractions, printed transparency spreads, and holographic adhesive inserts. Hand bound single issue 1 of 1.
The Magazine


Seeing Silence

Every lyric for each of the 17 songs on Blond were manually tracked and plotted according to when sang/spoken in their corresponding tracks. Visualized simultaneously this highlights and exaggerates all silences, pauses, and evolving cadences through each song as well as the complete album.

EACH PAGE = 5 Seconds
EACH SPREAD = 10 Seconds
RED LINES = 1 Second
BLUE LINES = 1/8th Second

The Color Of Sound

Color abstractions produced through physical scans and photoshop edits were used to visualize Frank's music. I attempted to evoke the often multilayered, distorted, dreamy qualities embedded in Frank's compositions.
Visually, a lot of choices tie back to one simple quote. "This has always been my life and no one else's, and that's how it's been since the day I came in it" - Frank Ocean