Airbnb Mega-Hosts
March — 18

Airbnb Subculture

Mega Hosts are defined as hosts listing 4+ entire units with the majority of these units being listed over 360 days per year. Not only do these hosts clash with the ideals of Airbnb, they are also a threat to the local renters market.

Pitched as a public poster campaign the intent was to inspire Airbnb to clearly identify mega hosts on their listing platforms & bring awareness to users about a growing trend in the community.
Poster Front& Back

The Story

U-District Case Study

The viewer is briefed with statistics regarding Airbnb's presence in Seattle as a whole, before the focus is narrowed to whichever neighborhood they are in, which in this case is the University District. Providing context based on neighborhood helps engage the viewer while immediately making the problem more relatable.
A small but growing group within the Airbnb host community has the potential to place excess pressure on areas already struggling with long term rental opportunities.